Benefits of Working with a Loan Professional

Benefits of Working with a Loan ProfessionalFor most of us, our mortgage is one of the single largest investments we make. Your choice of mortgage programs, and the Loan Officer you choose to help you with that decision, can make a world of difference. With an investment of this size, you want to know that you are in capable hands and that nothing is left to chance. There is just no substitute for professional experience in a transaction of this magnitude!

Like any other investment, ensuring that you have the right product requires sound knowledge and routine review. Your Loan Officer must have the experience necessary to guide you through the loan process, but also must have the wisdom and skill to become your trusted mortgage advisor. NOVA Loan Officers look after your best interests long after the close of your loan. They keep you informed of changes in the financial market that might benefit you, and are always available to provide you with a prompt overview of your options.

Our Loan Officers are adept at guiding clients through the steps needed to resolve credit problems or other unforeseen issues that might slow down the loan approval. Additionally, they understand the priorities and concerns of the underwriters who are responsible for approving your loan, and can work with them to review and substantiate extenuating circumstances that could affect your loan approval.